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Air Handler Dehumidifier Unit and Air Handler Dehumidifier System
in Washington DC, Baltimore, Arlington VA, and Surrounding Areas

Air Handler Dehumidifier Unit in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and Arlington VA Air Handler Dehumidifier Unit Case Study
Air Cleaning Technologies, (ACT) is committed to providing superior HVAC products and services to support the Federal, Military, Commercial, Health Care, and Research communities. We work throughout the Washington DC, Baltimore corridor, and Arlington, VA, and surrounding areas. ACT is a professionally certified company with engineers, designers, and installers working cohesively from start to finish.

No project is like another in terms of needs, space, area of installation, and more. At ACT, we have installed units on roofs, in basements, and in tight-fitting mechanic rooms. And, we have worked on every size from office complexes to large hospitals and government facilities. Each of our projects is custom engineered. We are known for our clean design and cost-saving strategies.

Air Handler Dehumidifier System in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Arlington VAAir Handler Dehumidifier System for Factories

Industrial and manufacturing environments often deal with humidity because of their manufacturing processes or the raw materials and finished goods. Additionally, excess humidity and moisture can corrode equipment, raw materials, wiring, and create mold or mildew formation contamination.

A custom-built air handler dehumidifier unit is engineered to meet a factory’s specifications and control humidity and dew point. Some factories may need absolute moisture and humidity control, while others require minimal humidity, albeit clean, to protect raw materials. So the right air handler dehumidifier must be able to control the indoor environmental moisture levels.

Air Handler Dehumidifier System in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Arlington VAMerve-13 Pre-Filters

At Air Cleaning Technologies, we use several different ASHRAE filters and housings. These remove particulates from the air stream in ranges of efficiencies from MERV-6 through MERV-16. For this project, MERV-13 pre-filters were selected as the right choice for the air handler dehumidifier unit.

Desiccant Wheel 

The desiccant wheel absorbs the moisture from the air and then expels the moisture as water vapor. The benefits of desiccant wheels are that they work longer and more efficiently than previous desiccant beads. The warranties are usually up to 5 years, but the usable life reaches 15 years.

Direct Drive S/A Fan 

The direct-drive fan is the most efficient fan that can be installed in an Air Handler Dehumidifier System. The direct-drive fan has less friction resulting in less energy loss. Also, you can expect less maintenance, wear, and break-down issues.

HEPA Filters 

HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particles bigger than .3 microns. The filter is rigid and must meet strict standards, so it is the only filter used in air handler dehumidifier units in many hospitals, electronics factories, and research labs.

Desiccant Wheel Purge Fan 

The desiccant wheel purge fan has many components that must be sized and placed in a particular order. Also, the desiccant wheel purge fan has to be placed at a certain angle. As air comes into the air handler dehumidifier system, it must go through the proper sequence of filters for the desiccant wheel to work correctly. This includes the pre-filters and HEPA filters.

Seamless Stainless Floors 

HEPA and pre-filters only work as long as air doesn’t escape by going around them or through cracks in the system. To ensure this doesn’t happen, ACT works with seamless stainless floors and several different sealing processes designed for extended use.

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44966 Falcon Place, Suite 190, Sterling, VA 20166