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Environmental Services and Indoor Air Quality Testing
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Good for Business, Good for the Environment
Environmental services are a key part of what we do at Air Cleaning Technologies…and they play an active role in meeting our ongoing commitment to helping commercial enterprises maintain indoor air quality.

By definition, our environment isn’t an abstract location but, rather, everywhere we live and work and play. When we dedicate ourselves to any labor that protects our environment, we automatically improve our quality of life. ACT is proud to provide Environmental services that are good for our planet, our businesses and our health.

LEED Accreditation Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing Services

Understanding the current quality of your indoor air is the first step in determining the best methods for its improvement. ACT’s environmental services include critical IAQ testing to identify any issues that contribute to poor air quality.

Our comprehensive testing includes tests for mold, hazardous materials, lead, and other particulates. When we find a problem, we deliver integrated services that either remove or remediate the problem and maintain, restore, or replace any systems responsible for the hazard.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is fundamental in ACT’s IAQ services. ACT is LEED-certified for air quality testing and design. That means our testing is reviewed by an independent lab. By conducting LEED-certified air quality testing and system design, ACT is equipped to help you achieve LEED-certification, regardless of what steps your company may be in the process. Whether it’s new construction or existing building renovation, both are eligible for certification.

LEED certification: a smart move for your company

LEED buildings feature the latest green technologies and have the honor of being certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Because of the many benefits of LEED certification, rental rates are generally higher in LEED-certified buildings than non-certified properties.

These benefits include:

  • Healthier Indoor
    Air Because of the comprehensive testing and green HVAC system innovations featuring antimicrobial, allergy-friendly filters, LEED-certified buildings have been shown to have better indoor air quality than non-certified facilities. This means fewer sick days and increased productivity. Even in spaces retrofitted to meet LEED standards, air quality-related illnesses can be reduced by as much as 50%.
  • Improved Employee Recruitment
    and Retention Studies show that LEED-certified buildings help attract talented employees. Worker satisfaction is higher and employee turnover lower.
  • Reduced Energy Costs
    Improved HVAC system efficiency results in lower energy consumption and lower utility costs.
  • Improved Public Image
    By maintaining an environmentally friendly business, you show your employees and customers that your company is green-minded. When all things are considered, your commitment to the environment may be the deciding factor between an organization choosing your company over a competitor.

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