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Cooling Tower Restoration
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Bring Your Cooling Tower to Like-New Condition

When you consider the fact that cooling towers are the primary mechanism that diffuses the heat that is generated from industrial processes, it’s easy to understand the importance of ensuring they operate efficiently. When working at top efficiency, cooling towers reduce costs.

Degradation: it’s going to occur

In their normal day-to-day operation, cooling towers are immersed in humidity, which means that metal parts will corrode. Any dirt, dust, contaminants and/or pollutants in this water can clog spray nozzles and the fill media.

It’s never a question of whether or not cooling towers will degrade: it’s a matter of when.

This continued corrosion and contamination can ultimately lead to complete system failure. These circumstances could result in the need to replace the cooling tower.

The Importance of Maintenance

There are two types of fill media (film and splash) which are placed inside cooling towers to increase the surface area contact between the water and air. This facilitates the cooling process. Film media lives up to its name by spreading water out on a thin film. Splash media breaks the water into small droplets that mix with the air. Both processes require clean water and the presence of little to no debris.

However, calcium buildup is an ever-present occurrence, which requires consistent checking of fill media to avoid any obstructions. This maintenance is vital for keeping your cooling towers in peak operating condition.

The proper maintenance of cooling towers saves money in operations and energy usage. Dirty cleaning towers have to work harder and longer to achieve the same cooling results, which increases stress on system chillers and exchangers due to higher condensing pressures to meet the load. This increases system stress and threatens the longevity of your system.

Your Leading Resource for Cooling Tower Restoration

Air Cleaning Technologies

Companies throughout Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and other communities throughout Virginia trust Air Cleaning Technologies for cooling tower restorations. Our cooling tower restoration technicians have the professional training necessary to keep your cooling towers in top condition. Using the latest equipment and industry-best cleaning solutions and sealants, ACT reverses the damage done by time. And they take the time to assess specific needs to ensure every repair is done right the first time, every time…at a competitive rate that you’ll appreciate.

Avoid the expense of total replacement of cooling towers with professional restoration services by Air Cleaning Technologies.

These services include:

  • Descaling
  • Tower-Specific Fill Media
  • Glass-Reinforced Plastic Parts
  • Motor and Gearbox Conversion

  • Drift Eliminators and Louvers
  • Submersion-Grade Sealants
  • Submersion-Grade Sealants

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