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New HVAC System Design
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Superior Craftsmanship, Flexibility, & System Integrity
Air Cleaning Technologies continues to impact our industry with the flexibility, unmatched craftsmanship and proven system integrity of our HVAC systems. From initial needs assessment to system build, our team of experienced professionals brings a level of understanding and innovation to each project we undertake, whether it’s a “field” or “factory” built system.

Cost vs. Price

Is it worth it? That’s the short question that’s asked before any investment or purchase decision is made. When it’s time to consider whether or not you should replace your HVAC system, several factors come into play. While each situation brings different concerns, some benefits are always applicable:

  • Energy Savings
    The US Energy Information Administration reported over 70% of existing commercial buildings across the United States are more than 20 years old. Furthermore, existing small and medium-sized commercial buildings ( smaller than 200,000 square feet) are responsible for 75% of the energy consumption used in this sector. There’s a LOT of room for improvement. While the initial expense is always a consideration, the energy savings provided by a custom-designed system by ACT more than justify the investment.
  • Increased Comfort Increases Productivity
    The Association for Psychological Science (APS) reviewed many studies applying to employee productivity and office temperatures and found that productivity suffers when indoor temperatures are too hot or too cold. In costs, they estimate employers save about $2 per worker, per hour in productivity cost when indoor temperatures are comfortable.
  • Improved Employee Health
    Indoor air quality is a very real problem. it is the number one cause of “sick building syndrome”; the condition in which employees become ill for no obvious reason. in many cases, and the old HVAC system is recirculating dust, debris, and other pollutants and allergens through your ductwork. A new HVAC system addresses many of these poor indoor air quality issues.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
    One of the main reasons for replacing an old HVAC system is exorbitant maintenance costs. Maintaining the new system is exponentially simpler. There’s less time involved, as there are fewer issues. In addition, your new system doesn’t face the same risk of potentially expensive mechanical failures as that of an old and efficient HVAC system

The Right Solution At The Right Time

It is always the specific needs of the client and a thorough inspection of your existing system that determine our recommendations. A new system build will never be recommended when a system renovation would be the most cost-effective solution. Conversely, our team will avoid recommending restoration when it would prove to be a temporary solution that wouldn’t be in your best interest.

Our HVAC systems for commercial clients are specifically designed to provide long-term service while meeting the most stringent safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our diverse system variations in design and construction ensure the right application for each client and include many of these unit construction features and components:

  • Foam injected thermal break casings with “No Thru Metal” construction.
  • Embossed aluminum exterior liners. (Other materials available upon request).
  • Smooth aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel internal liners.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel tread plate floors with watertight construction and dedicated floor drains.
  • Maximum 1% case leakage at 10” wg positive and negative pressure. (1/2 % available upon request).
  • Maximum casing deflection of 1/240L on longest panel at 10” wg positive and negative pressure.
  • Structural insulated bases with lifting lugs.
  • Seam welded, sloped and double wall condensate pans.
  • Stainless steel coil casings, and coil support and removal racks.
  • Non-overloading SWSI and DWDI fans with premium efficiency motors.
  • Direct or belt drive fans available.
  • Multi-fan configurations with VFD and control panels.
  • Service vestibules with factory piping, internal lighting, and controls.
  • Heat recovery and empathy wheels available.
  • High-efficiency particulate, gas and UV purification.
  • High-pressure casing construction options.

44966 Falcon Place, Suite 190, Sterling, VA 20166