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Air Handler Restoration in Baltimore, MD

From large companies like Lockheed Martin and regional Baltimore hospitals to smaller industrial companies, Air Cleaning Technologies has the experience and know-how to perform air handler restoration so that you don’t have to do a replacement of them. When the team of technicians gets to work, they will clean, sanitize, and seal the existing air handlers so that they can continue providing comfortable air to your environment. They do a comprehensive inspection so they deal with the issues during air handler restoration, and they also do a pre- and post-restoration biological sampling to ensure that they are properly sanitized and cleaned.

Air Handler Restoration in Baltimore, MD by professionals

Air Handler Repairs in Baltimore

During regular maintenance of your air handler, or even during a restoration process, there is likely to be some air handler repairs that are required to keep it operating properly or to bring it back to useful life. There may be the need for fabrication and installation of stainless steel liners, or you might need to have a condensate pan reconfiguration to bring it into compliance. The encapsulation of any exposed internal insulation may be necessary, as well as various internal components that are or have worn out due to use. All repairs will be listed out along with providing pictures of what needs to be done, and then follow up images to show the work having been done. Without pictures, you wouldn’t be able to visually see what had been done since they are covered up normally. This is what the team from Air Cleaning Technologies will do for your air handler repair.

Air Handler Restoration in Baltimore, MD for your business

Air Handler Restoration and Maintenance in Baltimore, Maryland

Once you have your air handler restoration and/or repairs completed, it is best to get onto a regular air handler maintenance schedule with Air Cleaning Technologies. Having an air handler maintenance schedule for your Baltimore air handlers will ensure that they are working in top form and any needed repairs will be addressed before they become larger problems and require more money and time to get them back to working order.

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44966 Falcon Place, Suite 190, Sterling, VA 20166