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Commercial Air Handler Design in Baltimore, Arlington, VA, Sterling, VA and Washington DCCustom Air Handler, Commercial Air Handler Design and CBR Air Handler for Research Facilities in Washington DC, Baltimore, Arlington, VA, and Sterling, VA

Trusted by research and lab facilities to maintain the highest standards in air quality, Air Cleaning Technologies has been the choice for custom air handler designs and commercial air duct cleaning and maintenance services.

  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums
  • Compressed air whips, the gold standard in duct cleaning
  • High-quality rotation brushes to remove heavy build-up
  • Negative air pressure to prevent contaminants from being released

Besides high-standard cleaning and maintenance, ACT also provides critical laboratory exhaust filtration systems for BSL-3 and BLS-4 laboratory applications.

Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) Air Handling Units for Research Facilities

Research facilities throughout Washington DC, Baltimore, Arlington, VA, and Sterling, VA have come to ACT to search for high-level CBR air handler units. Since 2000, ACT has been the choice for designing and manufacturing CBR custom air handler units to remove virtually all CBR contaminants from facility air transmission, including outside to inside and inside to outside flow.

Many research facilities in the Washington DC, Baltimore, Arlington, VA, and Sterling, VA area have come to ACT with strict guidelines for their commercial air handler design or air handler cleaning. ACT CBR air handler units use 99.99% HEPA filters and military-grade carbon absorbers. CBR custom air handler units provide “safe havens” in the event of a toxic discharge when needed. Every unit undergoes ASME section N510 pressure decay testing to ensure no pinhole leaks that could allow any unwanted contaminants.

CBR Air Handler in Baltimore, Sterling, VA, Arlington, VA and Washington DCCase Study: Walter Reed Institute of Research Commercial Air Handling Unit

ATC responded to an RFP by the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) for reengineering and update of the facility ventilation system at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Silver Spring, MD Annex. The project included removing all the custom air handler components, coating existing interior casing liners with fire-rated epoxy, performing case leakage testing after restoration, and providing full temporary air service without impacting facility operations.

ATC was able to take over $1,000,000 of the cost to win the bid without degrading any of the objectives or quality performance. The expertise of the design and engineering team at ATC was able to create alternative modular units to facilitate the project and locate areas that new components would provide cost savings and provide higher quality performance. The final project was completed on schedule and under budget.

Whether looking for commercial air duct cleaning, air handler cleaning, commercial HEPA filters, or cooling tower restoration, research facilities know ACT will be able to meet any requirements. The ACT team includes top-trained designers and installation technicians for their commercial air handling unit.

44966 Falcon Place, Suite 190, Sterling, VA 20166