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A Clean Bill of Health for Hospital Ducts

A medical center recognized the need for a thorough duct cleaning, with particular attention to the the center’s surgical suites and surgical prep areas. The work required special knowledge of the healthcare environment and certified technicians to complete the work.

Understanding that contaminant-free air is of maximum importance in healthcare settings, and the center’s need to protect patients and staff, our team approached the project with care. We cleaned supply vents, where clean air comes into the facility, and return vents that take air back to the HVAC system. Our technicians also cleaned all of the system’s Variable Air Volume boxes, which supply airflow, and the reheat coils, which heat the air. We cleaned the diffusers (or vents) and grilles (the visible exterior portion of the vent) where air comes into the facility. Our technicians also vacuumed the air handling unit’s interior surfaces with a HEPA machine.

Finally, our team removed outdated fiberglass insulation from the HVAC unit’s fan and replaced it with new high-density closed-cell foam insulation designed to resist dirt and moisture and reduce the risk of accumulation mold or biological pathogens. The end result was a cleaner, safer environment for surgery and patient care and a satisfied client.

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44966 Falcon Place, Suite 190, Sterling, VA 20166