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Prettyman Federal Courthouse

Project name: Prettyman Federal Courthouse
Owner: GSA
Project description:

ACT is building (38) custom AHUs for the Prettyman Federal Courthouse replacement AHU project. The new units will be a combination of factory & field built. AHU capacities range from 3,000 to 25,000 CFM. AHU construction will include:

  • 3” thick, R-20, foam injected, thermal break casings with no-thru-metal design, embossed aluminum exterior and smooth aluminum interiors.
  • Service access doors with same construction as casing and including view windows, capped test ports, extruded aluminum frame and stainless-steel piano hinges.
  • Two stage filter systems with 2” thick MERV-8 and 4” thick MERV-13 filters.
  • Steam distributing pre-heat coil with access service section.
  • Chilled water coil section with seam welded stainless steel (SS) condensate pans with IAQ slope to drain, SS coil casings, and access service section.
  • Vertical direct drive plenum fans with factory wired VFD.
  • Vertical steam distributing re-heat coil.
  • Internal LED light fixtures factory wired to external switch.

Units below represent (16) Courtroom units serving Judges chambers

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44966 Falcon Place, Suite 190, Sterling, VA 20166