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Air Handler Repairs in Washington D.C., Bowie, MD, Silver Springs, MD, and Nearby Cities

The Mid-Atlantic region of this country gets hot and humid in the summers. You should make sure that your HVAC systems have been serviced and is running efficiently. If not, you should call Air Cleaning Technologies as we specialize in air handler repairs and we will ensure you have a comfortable summer ahead. Over the years, we have garnered the experience by working with the government and other commercial buildings like health care, laboratories, and other federal facilities. If your air handler whose function is to improve the quality of air is not functioning properly, then eventually the air circulating inside your house will be contaminated. Our technicians are dedicated and knowledgeable to determine the exact problem and suggest the most cost-effective solution for it. They are certified members of the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) and have undergone training as per The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).

Air Handler Repairs in Washington D.C., Bowie, MD, Silver Springs, MDBelow we have mentioned a few basic services we perform while repairing your air handler. Take a look.

  1. Conduct an analysis

Our team will carry out a survey and prepare a condition report of the unit. Apart from conducting the surface sample for biological growth, the operating velocities, the casing leakage, and trap locations are also evaluated.

  1. Clean the entire interior

Then it is important to clean the interior of the casing and remove the deteriorated metal casings. With the help of HEPA vacuums and other high-quality cleaners and sanitizers, these insulated parts of your system are thoroughly cleaned before progressing to repair it.

  1. Replacement or repairs

After going through the condition report we would know what just requires an additional coating and which parts need to be reinstalled. Arranging all the exposed loose wires, re-piping the condensate traps, to replacing the filters, all are done expertly by our professionals.

So, if you are living in the regions of Washington D.C., Bowie, MD, Silver Springs, MD, Frederick, MD, Bethesda, MD, Gaithersburg, MD, and need help with your AHU, you can contact us.

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44966 Falcon Place, Suite 190, Sterling, VA 20166