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Commercial AHU Restoration in Annapolis, Manassas, Tysons, Washington, DC and Nearby Cities

Commercial air handling devices are critical for maintaining a healthy interior climate. The ability to produce a temperature-controlled environment is lost when serious complications develop, such as a motor failure or a coil leak. Problems like these must be addressed swiftly to minimize your operation’s downtime. There are several choices available when a current unit isn’t working well, including refurbishing, repairs, retrofits, or replacement. The optimum solution will be determined by the age of the unit, the existing building infrastructure, and your organization’s specific needs. If you’re thinking about having a commercial AHU restoration done in your building, you’re probably wondering what the advantages are. So, let us find out below:man performing an Commercial AHU Restoration in Fairfax County

  • The first advantage you will notice is that the quality of your indoor air will increase. As air from the outside enters the structure and circulates via the air ducts, air pollution and other irritants can progressively build up in your building’s air ducts. Indoor air quality can deteriorate in a variety of ways, but commercial air duct cleaning can help eliminate these allergens, allowing everyone in the building to breathe comfortably.


  • Another advantage you will notice is that your HVAC system will use less electricity. Your system has to work harder to transport air throughout the system as the air ducts become clogged with debris. As a result of the increased load on your system, it will break down sooner and have a shorter lifespan. Commercial air duct cleaning relieves the added load on your system, allowing it to endure longer.

Air Cleaning Technologies (ACT) is a company that specializes in environmental and interior air quality. We collaborate with public and private buildings, hospitals, laboratories, and other facilities around areas of Annapolis, Fairfax County, Manassas, Tysons, and Washington, DC. We collaborate with contractors, architects, and engineers to build and construct new systems and handle unique environmental concerns in addition to testing, cleaning, maintaining, and restoring systems. Give us a call at 703-397-8853 to get a hold of us. 

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44966 Falcon Place, Suite 190, Sterling, VA 20166