Air Cleaning Technologies, In. (ACT) is committed to improving the indoor environment of government and commercial buildings, hospitals, and laboratory facilities. We specialize in high efficiency air filtration systems for the removal of toxic Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) contaminants. ACT offers an extensive line of custom air handling units, filtration systems and replacement HVAC products. Our Environmental services include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing, mold sampling and remediation, hazardous material testing and removal. Our HVAC services include duct cleaning, air handler restoration and HVAC system renovation. Our product and service offering is extensive and we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality and customer service.

CBR Filtration
& Ventilation

ACT provides systems designed for the removal of toxic Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) contaminants. These systems are utilized for both supply air and...

Filtration and
HVAC Equipment

ACT offers a complete line of Air filtration and HVAC equipment. Air filtration and purification equipment includes: Flanders Containment Products: Bag in Bag out...

HVAC products

Our Air Filtration replacement products include: ASHRAE filters including pleated, bag, rigid, disposable, Poly rolls and pads, HEPA filters including gasket....

HVAC and

ACT environmental services include: ACT's LEED Accreditation Indoor Air Quality Testing Services, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for New Construction...

HVAC Solutions

ACT offers products and services that can increase the efficiency of any air system. We have a CAD design team that can assist in new system and equipment design. We offer products that can reduce energy consumption by 50% or more.

Case Studies

Valley Baptist Hospital

ACT has recently completed an entire air handler replacement project at Valley Baptist Hospital in Harlingen TX. ACT design group worked with the Engineer of record, (Rhoedes Engineering, Muskegon, MI) to enhance the air handling efficiency at Valley Baptist. We provided an accelerated AHU production schedule and assisted in the field verification of all existing […]

Gun Range

ACT is working with a gun range facility (requested name be withheld) to furnish and install new ventilation equipment so that the range can become compliant with NIOSH standards. The existing range has outdated ventilation equipment that cannot properly remove the lead contaminants within the range. The gun range owner wants to protect his clients […]

Latest News

ACT now carries Plasticair air pollution control products

We are excited to announce that we are now a certified carrier of Plasticair air pollution control products! Plasticair is a leading manufacturer of ventilation and air pollution control solutions. They are highly regarded suppliers of FRP (fiberglass-reinforced plastics) fans, which are valued for their affordability and efficiency in protecting against corrosion. Plasticair has even […]

Completion of In-House Test Tunnel at our Sterling VA Facility

ACT has just completed construction of an In house test tunnel at our Sterling VA facility. This tunnel is being used to validate performance of both standard ASHRAE and high efficiency HEPA and carbon filters.

ACT Recipient of “Top National Rep” Award for Flanders Filters, Inc.

ACT has just been awarded the “Top National Rep” award for Flanders Filters, Inc. ACT is the largest distributor and representative of Flanders Filters Inc. products which include HEPA filters, ASHRAE filters, Clean room filters and custom air handlers.